Al Wathba Cycle Track

The Track.

The Al Wathba Cycling track is regarded as one of the best cycling destinations in the UAE. Surrounded by miles and miles of desert, cycling in this track promises picturesque vistas especially during sunrise and sunset. The illuminated track is 30 kilometers long and can be broken down into four routes. Beginner cyclers can ride the 8 km or 16 km route, whereas expert cyclers can do the 20 km, 22 km or go the entire 30 kilometers. The track is situated near the Camel racing track and is roughly 40 to 50 minutes’ drive from Abu Dhabi by car.

How To Reach

  • You can use any normal vehicle or rent a car to drive to the Al Wathba Cycling track. There is no public transport to the track. The drive takes roughly 40 to 50 minutes by vehicle from Abu Dhabi city.
  • Always stick to the carpeted roads when driving to the track. Do not follow the off roads that Google Map shows at times. These roads could be closed due to construction work and will lead to unwanted confusion and longer travel time.

Al Wathba Cycle Track

  • How many minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport : 53 minutes, 56.7 km
  • How many minutes from al wathba camel race track :14 minutes, 12.4 km
  • How many minutes from Al Wathba Jumeirah : 7 minutes, 4.1 km



  • Separate shower and washrooms
  • Lockers to store belongings
  • ADNOC shop
  • Bike rentals for kids and adults
  • Trollies for infants
  • Monthly and annual bike rental slots for professional bikers and locals.

Things To Do Near AL Wathba Cycling Track.

  • Explore Al Wathba Fossil dunes
  • Visit the Al Wathba Camel Racing track
  • Stop by the Al Wathba wetland reserve
  • Experience an Al Mabeet Dinner experience with authentic Emirati dishes in the Al Wathba desert.
  • Try camel riding at Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort and Spa
  • Enjoy horse riding at Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort and Spa
  • Observe falconry at Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort and Spa

Best time to cycle in Al Wathba.

It’s ideal to cycle in Abu Dhabi during the winter months because the climate is manageable and ideal for outdoor activities. The desert environment tends to be hotter than usual, however between October to April (Abu Dhabi’s winter months) the desert climate is not too humid or hot making it the best time to go cycling in Al Wathba track. and during winter season. But the winter season is also Abu Dhabi’s peak season and brings its own set of drawbacks. With the high number of tourists, residents and business travelers making the best use of these pleasant climate, you might have to deal with some crowd and high hotel rates. If you are a person who can bear the heat, then you are free to cycle in Al Wathba track whenever you prefer to.

Rent bikes

Besport is the name of the store that rents out cycles for travelers who want to cycle down the Al Wathba Cycle Track. Besport is managed by front-line sports and Arabiers. This is the only bike rental shop at Al Wathba cycle track and provides bike rentals for adults and kids on hourly basis.